Candy <3 (empyrean_gem) wrote,
Candy <3


I look around and all my things are neatly folded and stored away in boxes. Then, a bunch of shit that's not mine is covering it all. I want to take my stuff, take me, and move the fuck out. I CAN'T!!! I CAN'T!! I can't take this anymore!!! I want out... it's almost been a year! I have the money, I have the desire, I have the neeeeeeeed cause otherwise I'm going to go insane. The problem is finding a place a good nice place I can afford. I'm constantly out of the house because I just can't stand being here anymore. It's not that I don't love my family, it's that there's just no privacy anywhere and nothing is organized except for my stuff in the boxes that are difficult to access. None of this is pleasing to the eye. Every time I'm here I feel stressed. I'm not even a neat freak but jeeze this is just too fucking much for me to bear! I'm tired of it! So incredibly sick and tired of this shit. I like my car. My car is neat. There's nothing that's out of place there. Even the trunk is neat. My car STILL SMELLS NEW and it's been 7 months since I got it!!!! I want out! I want out! I want out!! :'(
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