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Today was sweeeeeeet!

I feel like a huge load has been lifted off my shoulders. That's what happens whenever I finish a class! YAYYYYYYY!!!! :D I finished my acting class and I no longer have to be memorizing lines. The best part: I GOT AN A!!!!! And I think I did very well on this last Scene. Dead Man's Cell Phone with my classmate Alana. Woot woot! So now, I have to focus on getting the A in Global Terrorism. And I have one full week to work on it. :)

Nikki sent me a message this morning for a free ticket to a 5K her and Arnold are doing this Saturday. I jumped on it like a dog jumping into a pool. Hell to the fuck yeah!!! I'm so excited! And it's at the Grove so it's gonna be really pretty running in that area. The only thing I'm kinda worry about is what I worry about now a days: driving there. So I've driven in the area sort of when I went to hang out with Roshini at the Planetarium, but this time it's gonna be getting to a place I've never been before. I hope I don't get lost. Ah! It's gonna be awesome hanging out with my Cuz, Nikki, and the twins again. :)

On Monday, I went to see my advisor. I'd been slacking off... losing focus... with my mind in other places... well, one place... those damn green eyes... gd it. Why???!!! I barely even fucking talk to him. Grrrrrr. Oh right, I'm talking about school. You see what I mean?! Ok. Anyway, so Chichi kinda got me to start getting my shit straight. He asked if I had picked my classes for summer and fall yet and when I told him I hadn't he looked disappointed and I felt like damn I am really slacking off a little too much. This kid is taking tough as shit classes and here is his older sister wasting time on Facebook and Instagram. So I told him I didn't really know what classes to take. That was not a lie. I really don't know what else to take. But, it's not like I can't look it up. Like I said before, I've just been slacking a lot. I told him I'd go see an advisor and the next day I did. Now, I am confirmed to have 8 classes left to go before I get my bachelors. :D :D :D Mr. Nino said I have a great GPA (3.5) and all I need to satisfy now is my language requirement, one core class, two criminal justice electives, and 5 general education electives. He said by summer or fall next semester to visit him to make sure I will be graduation ready to end 2016. :) Wow! I'm gonna get my BACHELOR'S!!!!!!! O...M...F...G!! It's so close! :D :D :D Now that I am aware of what I need it's just a matter of setting it up. Setting the goals. Figuring out what to do next. He recommended I go to the job fairs to start gathering information of what is out there in the criminal justice field. Maybe merge some of my knowledge in budgeting with working in Courts and all. I don't like the business side, but you never know how your knowledge will come in handy at any point and possibly be that link to get the foot in the door so to speak. I was thinking I should fill my general education electives with some psychology relating to mental health and adolescence. I think it'd be very interesting and fulfilling to work in the juvenile courts. Maybe that's my calling. Won't know unless I try. Or like Yoda would say "There is no try. There is only do."

On another note, ARROW WAS FUCKING AWESOME!!!! Had me at the edge of my seat! Omg, when Roy got stabbed... What?! And then the twist! What?! Brilliant! And then the final twist!!! THEA!!!!!! :'( But ohhh the trailer... freaking freaking ahhhhhh!!! So freaking good. :D :D :D Ah, what a great night.

Oh and then I watched X-Men Evolution, I like this series... but not too much. It's ok. The episode I saw today was really good though. "Grim Reminder". It was when Wolverine's brain chip gets triggered with the news report and he goes find Sabertooth and the Doc. "You caged the wrong animal, Bub!" Go Logan!!! Shred him to pieces! \m/ lol

Y ahora me muero de zzzzzzz.... :D I mean... -_-
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