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Your heart is good

I still remember it. His gestures and how he would look me straight in the eye and tell me how much he loved the good person I was. It wasn't just the looks or my quirkiness that he loved. He would come up close and touch with his finger the middle of my chest. "This right here is what I love most." He said I was the best person he'd ever known. That I had the purest heart. The kindest most caring soul. And then he'd hug me and kiss me and I was happy. Then. All I feel right now is pain. So much pain. Because even being the kindest, sweetest, person I could be did not prepare me for how it came to an end. Till this day I fight so hard to keep true to how I see the world. I try to see only the good. I fight so hard to keep the good in and destroy the darkness that creeps into my thoughts. Sometimes I get so tired though. Like today. How could you hurt someone you think is the greatest person ever and tell them you love them and then go ahead and do something you know will hurt them beyond belief. An asshole would do that. But he's a good person too. He really is. Fuck.
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